Who We Are

Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia (CAFFA) is a celebration of the wonders and benefits of coffee and art. It will be an opportunity for those in the coffee community to mingle and network with each other – owners of coffee shops; experts of the coffee industry; baristas and budding artists from across Asia as well as to develop, educate and nurture an appreciation for the art of coffee and promote Fair Trade coffee beans. As a sustainable alternative as well as it being a platform for coffee education, appreciation and a wealth of coffee drinking opportunities, the festival will also be in part a celebration of art in its many forms.

CAFFA aims to represents the most vigorous, fresh and contemporary new work made by our artists every year to a large and committed audience through artist demonstrations, art exhibitions, local craft artisans as well as promoting food connoisseurs to the event. Crucial to the CAFFA vision is an understanding of independent artists and the independent arts community as well as the coffee and food appreciation community, for it is together that will make Coffee & Art Fringe Festival Asia.

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